The UTS Math Society is a student-led, mathematics organization at UTS. Our goals are to prepare students for math competitions and promote mathematics throughout UTS!



UTS has its own Online Math Contest called The Antiviral. Each round features six questions which are created by UTS students. Follow the link for past contests!


Students are assigned to groups of five to seven. They are assigned a Pod Leader, who is a senior student with a wealth of experience with math contests. Pods are focused on topics related to contests such as the AMCs, COMC, and AIME. Pod meetings are usually held weekly.

Math Team

Our elite squad of mathletes participates in several team events across North America! In the past year, we have participated in contests from MIT, Harvard, Carnegie-Mellon, UC Berkeley and Waterloo, as well as ARML at Penn State University.


Keynote speaker series

Since last year, UTS Math Society has organized a distinguished speaker series. The events run throughout the year and consist of talks from alumni/professors on topics including the experience of studying mathematics in university, different applications of mathematics, and introductory sessions on different branches of math.

Other Events

Outreach also holds several fun math events that are open to everyone in the school. Some examples of the events to look out for: Holiday Estimation, end-of-year Puzzle Hunt, or Math Week!