Antiviral is a new, online math contest that took place every other Wednesday last April and May. We’ll be starting up again this year, so stay tuned!

  • 6 problems
  • 45 minutes
  • answers will be submitted through Google Forms

All of the answers will be positive integers, and calculators are allowed.

Sign Up

Teachers can sign up their schools any time using this Google Form; they will be sent a school-specific link on the morning of the contest.

Past Contests

#1 (April 8)#1 (April 8)#1 (April 8)
#2 (April 22)#2 (April 22)#2 (April 22)
#3 (May 6th)#3 (May 6th)#3 (May 6th)
#4 (May 20th)#4 (May 20th)#4 (May 20th)



Contest 4:
Problem 1: 63 correct responses
Problem 2: 35 correct responses
Problem 3: 39 correct responses
Problem 4: 26 correct responses
Problem 5: 37 correct responses
Problem 6: 16 correct responses
Total Number of Students: 63
Total Number of Schools: 13
Average Score: 3.43
Median Score: 4

High Scoring Students

Andrew DongCentennial CVI6
Arthur BrightTTMath School6
Daniel ShenTTMath School6
Jeffrey QinTTMath School6
Jerry ZhuTTMath School6
Kevin Yunqiao LiuUpper Canada College6

Top Schools

TTMath School29108
Crescent School2187
University of Toronto Schools1983
Trinity College945